Libby In The Middle

Gwyneth Rees


January 2018

$12.99 AU

266p pb

ISBN: 978-1408852774

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Libby in the Middle is a story is about a girl named Libby who is moving and is starting a new school; she struggles in her house because it's all run down. She also struggles with her aunt accusing her with stealing money. Libby is trying to keep a lot of secrets about her sister and her sisterís boyfriend about taking her sister on his motorbike. She also finds out about her dad and aunts younger life and why they are mad at each other.

I thought Libby in the Middle was a great book. I liked how there were different perspectives, some were from Libby's and some were speech from her dad, sisters and mum. The book was easy to read and was laid out very well. I would recommend this book to ages ten and up. I think readers who like mystery books would really like this book. I will now read more Gwyneth Rees books. It's a really fun read and I loved it.

Makayla, age 10

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