Brendan Reichs


May 2018

$16.99 AU

500p pb

ISBN: 978-1509869992

sequel to Nemesis

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Genesis is a fantastic book by Brendan Reichs. Set in a dystopian society, the story enchants the reader with its spell from the very beginning. Genesis is splendidly written with a story worth reading. I believe this book fits best in the genre of sci-fi but is also an amazing thriller.

Sixty-four students from the same class are trapped inside a computer program, a video game. They can shoot each other, jump off cliffs, but they canít die, not properly. They simply reset in one of the gameís four reset zones. Even worse, everyone else on the planet is dead, only these 64 survived, trapped inside a game.

Noah who shot his girlfriend, Min, in the back is simply surviving trying to live up the expectations of being a beta-tester for the game - hiding his fear and leading his pack of untrusted classmates, attempting to conquer every challenge the game throws at them.

Min, another beta tester, accompanied by her best friend Tack try to find the truth behind the game. Surviving isnít enough, if this even counts. Whatís the point of trying to survive when youíll just reset anyway? Whatís the point of looking after yourself if death isnít something to be afraid of?

This story would, in my opinion, be best suited for young adults. I absolutely adore the word choice, as it is sophisticated, but at times it made it a bit hard to fall into the flow of reading.

Jasleen, age 14

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