The Things We Can't Undo

Gabrielle Reid

Ford Street

May 2018

$19.95 AU

348p pb

ISBN: 978-1925736045

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From Ford Street:

Samantha and Dylan are in love – everyone knows it. They’ve been together for nearly a year, so it’s nothing to be worried about when they leave Saturday night’s party in favour of a quiet bedroom. Right?

Malicious rumours are spreading throughout their Sydney private school, and Sam is avoiding Dylan. He’s fast discovering the effects one bad misunderstanding can have. Will Sam be influenced by misguided advice and make a decision she can’t take back? There’s no backspace key for life’s decisions

The Things We Can't Undo by Gabrielle Reid is a new perspective on attitudes towards consent in young people. It's set in an ordinary school, in Melbourne. The teenagers there are like teenagers anywhere. Just about to graduate from high school, they're thinking about their futures, falling in love, and getting homework done. What none of them expect is for their year to be turned upside down by a mistake at a party.

I would recommend this book to readers aged between 13 and 16 years. There are some deep concepts covered, including the importance of consent in everyday life. This was the first book I'd read covering the themes it did from the perspective of a young man. It highlights the importance of making sure that both people agree to have sex, and how easy it is to get carried away. It was shocking, delightful, and interesting. I thought it was very realistic, and beautiful.

Grace, Year 10

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