The Glimme

Emily Rodda

illustrated by Marc McBride

An Omnibus Book

October 2019

$34.99 AU

378p hc

ISBN: 978-1862919570

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The Glimme by Emily Rodda is undoubtedly a wondrous book. In addition to the admirably vibrant and exhilarating tale within, the book also has flawless illustrations, which give this incredible book a jaw-dropping atmosphere. The story begins with a boy named Finn, who has a difficult life in the village of Witchant. He enjoys drawing, but his grandparents believe that it is useless. One day a strange woman turns up, requesting to buy Finn from them. She offers several gold coins, and they agree to the deal almost instantly. The woman takes Finn to a strange house by the sea and demands that he make direct copies of seven magnificent paintings. Finn looks closely, each second noticing a new shade or colour of the paintings, unable to prevent it, he is enshrouded by the Glimme.

This is a magnificent fantasy book, which draws you in from the first sentence, and keeps you reading for a long time. I recommend it for readers aged 9 and up, as it would be a perfect introduction to the genre.

James, age 12, Canberra

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