His Name Was Walter

Emily Rodda


April 2020

$17.99 AU

278p pb

ISBN: 978-1460756195

fp August 2018

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Emily Rodda’s book, His Name Was Walter, follows two stories, the first of some children on a history excursion with a broken-down bus, the second of an orphan named Walter, who wanted to find his place in the world. Colin and Tara find a book in the house called “His Name Was Walter”. As Colin and Tara read to find out more about the story of Walter, the monsters described in the book threaten their lives. The two stories intertwine in an amazing way, changing the characters’ lives forever. 


I would recommend this novel for readers aged 10+ because there are some things that may be a bit scary. This is unlike many books I have read, because it follows two completely separate stories throughout the entire book which makes it all the better to read. The language is simple and illustrates the stories brilliantly. Definitely a worthwhile read. 


Ella, age 14

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