Chosen Ones

Veronica Roth

Hodder & Stoughton

April 2020

$29.99 AU

422p pb

ISBN: 978-1529330243

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Fifteen years ago, five teenagers dubbed ‘The Chosen Ones’ were prophetically chosen to defeat the evil entity known as ‘The Dark One’. After countless catastrophic events, the teens gave up their old lives to defeat the malevolent being. But how could they really fit in to modern day society if all they had ever done was study magic?

Now, the team is trying to adjust to normal life but Sloane is finding it hardest to detach from her past. On the tenth anniversary of the defeat, a member dies and the others realise that The Dark One isn’t gone and has much bigger plans than they previously thought. But will their efforts be all for nothing and is The Dark One bigger than even they can handle?

Chosen Ones by #1 New York Times bestselling author Veronica Roth is an adult fantasy with paranormal and science-fiction elements. It explores the more realistic side of being a “Chosen One” and shows characters dealing with mental health issues such as PTSD. This book is best suited to readers aged 14+ as there are dark themes, language and partially disturbing horror elements that may be upsetting for tweens.

I liked this book because it had an intriguing storyline and it was interesting having snippets of interviews and newspaper articles between chapters. It was quite different from Roth’s YA books (like the Divergent series) and readers should look out for this title; I enjoyed it!

Niamh, age 14

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