Private Lessons

Cynthia Salaysay

Candlewick Press

July 2020

$29.99 AU

312p hb

ISBN: 978-1536209600

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Private Lessons by Cynthia Salaysay is a novel about a teenage girl struggling with the grief from losing a parent. Her escape is through the world of music, so when she is accepted to practice with the highly acclaimed piano teacher, Paul Avon, she is ecstatic. However, as she gets deeper into this world, she begins to experience depression, loneliness and abuse.

This book is about teen issues and how people overcome and survive what has happened to them. This story would most appeal to teenagers and younger adults. The suitable age range for this novel is 15 and above as this novel explores issues such as abuse and harassment and the effects which that has on people. I liked how Claire began to heal from the abuse she experienced, it showed how it was possible to overcome pain.

Aislin, age 15

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