Game Changer

Neal Schusterman

Walker Books

February 2021

$15.99 AU

400p pb

ISBN: 978-1406398632

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Ash is used to taking hits on the field for his high school football team – until he takes one that doesn’t just impact his body, but his whole reality. It starts with one small shift, but with every game, every hit, Ash finds himself pushed through a succession of universes almost-but-not-really like his own, until the small shifts in reality become significant shifts in Ash’s own identity. As Ash experiences life from other perspectives, he starts to question the world he thought he knew, as well as the ones he finds himself catapulted into. For better or worse, the one thing Ash knows is that he’s got to find a way to put things back. A searing exploration of race, gender, sexuality and the nature of privilege. 

Game Changer by Neal Shusterman is an amazing story about how much your life can change in a matter of days and how much is going on in the world that we aren’t aware about. The main character, Ash goes through a tragic and crude story as his eyes get opened to a new world.

I personally believe that Game Changer would be suitable for ages 13+ as it contains some themes such as violence, racism and sexuality that could be a lot for a younger reader to take or understand, but this book would be appropriate for other audiences as it educates people about the topics through a heartfelt and touching story about friendship, relationships and changes in the world we see. I loved how the book covered topics that others may see as “taboo” or things that people just ignore and pretend aren’t happening. Acknowledging racism, abuse and other subjects is great to not only attract an audience, but to educate others about the topics and spread that awareness that the world needs. The character development in this book is amazing and the author is amazing at explaining how the characters are feeling through only words on a piece of paper.

Ebony, age 13

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