Invisible Boys

Holden Sheppard

Fremantle Press

October 2019

$19.99 AU

344p pb

ISBN: 978-1925815566

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Set in Geraldton, a coastal town in Western Australia, Invisible Boys tells the story of three main characters, all sixteen-year-old boys who each hide the same secret. Charlie is a punk rocker who is trying to make it big in the music scene, Zeke is the school nerd who gets teased and then there’s Hammer, hopefully a future AFL star and school jock. All three are secretly struggling with their sexuality in a town where such boys are invisible.  When Charlie is outed, and Zeke’s internet search history is discovered by his parents their secrets rise to the surface. Each struggle to deal with their predicament and ways to move forward.

This book is raw, honest and very emotional. Firmly showing the reader the reality of being gay in a rural town, this book does not hold back. Told from the three characters perspective gives the reader an often-painful insight into their lives and the inclusion of “letter bombs” interspersed throughout show the devastating consequences some youth face. With very strong themes, violence, sexual content, language and suicide this book is for mature late teenage and adult readers.

Trent, Canberra

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