The Survival Game

Nicky Singer

Hodder Children's Books

August 2018

$16.99 AU

358p pb

ISBN: 978-1444944525

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The Survival Game by Nicky Singer is a dystopian novel about the future of our planet. It is an amazing story about two kids overcoming obstacles while trying to get home in a world badly affected by climate change. Mhairi is a fourteen-year-old girl trying to get back to her grandma when she meets a small mute boy whom she later nicknames Mohammed after the son of her motherís driver. She has had a difficult life and has locked everything that has hurt her in the past into an internal prison she calls CASTLE so she doesnít have to deal with it. When she meets the boy her life changes. Mohammed is my favourite character. Even though he is mute he can communicate, and he doesnít worry about what is happening; he just carries on. 

This story is full of twists and turns. You never know what will happen and that is one of the reasons why I loved this book so much. I couldn't bring myself to put it down. This book is mainly for young adults who appreciate science fiction. It can be compared to the The Maze Runner but it doesnít have any imaginary creatures, diseases, or trials and relies more on what could happen if global warming continues.

Laure, age 15

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