Field Notes On Love

Jennifer E Smith


March 2019

$16.99 AU

314p pb

ISBN: 978-1529014563

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Field Notes On Love by Jennifer E. Smith is a romance novel. The story is about two people who are from completely different backgrounds and form a relationship as friends or maybe even lovers. One is a boy named Hugo, a sextuplet, who lived in England with his two sisters and three brothers. His girlfriend bought him a ticket for a romantic train ride that they would take together for his birthday. Before they had the chance to go on the trip, the two broke up. Hugo soon realised Margaretís name was on all of the tickets, so he was in need of a Margaret Campbell to join him. On the other side of the ocean was an aspiring film writer Margaret (Mae) Campbell who reads Hugoís post, she realises this is a great chance to get her mind off her rejection from film school. 

The theme of the book is love and getting over setbacks. I liked how the book had the two main characters that both had a part in discrimination which made them even closer as they knew how each other were feeling.  The characters were very original, and I enjoyed seeing the way they developed over the course of the novel. This book would appeal to people who love romantic novels and who are between the ages of 12 and 16.

Ellie, age 14

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