A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book The First: The Bad Beginning

Lemony Snicket


November 2017

$14.99 AU

168p pb

ISBN: 978-1460755884

fp September 1999

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The Bad Beginning is a story unlike most other stories, which have good beginnings and good endings - this book has no good beginning and a horrible ending.

The Baudelaire children had been living with their loving family and one day while they were playing at the beach they find out that their mother and father had died and they now have to live with their horrible uncle Count Olaf; that is when the worst things happen.

It gets really boring reading stories that have a good beginning and a nice ending with the story finishing 'And they lived happily ever after'. This is a great book because it does not have this. I would give this book a 10/10 as it was so good. I think people from the age of 10 to adult would enjoy this book.  The author has written it really well and I like the way the author talks to you while you are reading the book and when the bad stuff is happening Snicket says if you donít like reading sad stories you should put the book down.

Owen, age 14, Canberra

If I had to describe this series in three words they would be "suspense, laughter and  surprise!" The story starts off with Violet 14, Klaus 12 and Sunny 1, finding out that their parents have sadly perished in a terrible house fire. They are sent to live with a distant relative, Count Olaf, (who is really, really mean)!

Count Olaf is only after one thing, the Baudelaire fortune and he will do anything to get it. He comes up with many sneaky plans that include a bird cage, a marriage ceremony, a judge and green pasta!

This is an extremely witty book with an incredible twist and I couldn't put the book down for one minute! A great read for upper primary school students.

Laura, age 12, Brisbane

I thought that the book, The Bad Beginning was sad, mysterious and some times scary. I thought that it was sad because the Baudelaire childrenís Mum and Dad died at the same time and they had no one to look after them. It was also sad because their parents died when they werenít at home so they didnít know until somebody told them. I thought it was mysterious because Count Olaf had an eye on his door and he had an eye tattoo on his ankle too and I wondered why he had an eye tattooed on his ankle and his door. I thought it was scary because at the end of the book he said that he would be back and then he just disappears into the darkness of the night.

Victoria, Year 6, Canberra

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