A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book The Third: The Wide Window

Lemony Snicket


December 2017

$14.99 AU

218p pb

ISBN: 978-1460755907

fp September 2000

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This story continues the tragic tale of the Baudelaire orphans. Throughout their adventure the orphans experience few good times. As soon as the orphans arrive at their new home on the hill with Aunt Josephine, things go horribly wrong. There is no hot food as Aunt Josephine thinks it unsafe to use the stove, so they are made to eat cold cucumber soup. The orphans soon discover that there nemesis, Count Olaf, is right on their heels in disguise as Captain Sham. With the untimely death of Aunt Josephine the orphans are left with Captain Sham (aka Count Olaf) as their guardian!

This book is for anyone with a rather black sense of humour as the events are unfortunate but you canít help but be amused. It appeals to any age over 12 years old. This series is one of my personal favourites and I highly recommend it.

Matt, aged 16, Canberra

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