The Guggenheim Mystery

Robin Stevens

based on an idead by Siobhan Dowd


August 2017

$14.99 AU

314p pb

ISBN: 978-0141388236

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This book is an incredible mystery that follows Ted Spark and his sister and cousinsí time in London. Ted Spark is a remarkable thinker along with his sister Kat and his cousin Salim. Together they try to solve the mystery of a missing painting. They do this to get their aunt out of being framed for the theft of the famous painting in the art gallery. Together they interview suspects, test their memory and try to find the thief. They work together to ensure they get the job done. In the beginning they start with only a few clues: the getaway van, they credit card, the suspectsí alibis and their whereabouts on Monday morning. They use this information to find themselves the thief. They push themselves as hard as they can to get their aunt out of being framed, but to do so they must find the thief and convince the police of their auntís innocence. They walk around the city getting more clues and crossing off suspects. Will they find the thief and master framer?

I enjoyed this book from cover to cover it was filled with interesting description and fascinating plots. I think this book would be rated a four and a half stars because it is filled with incredible mind puzzling mysteries. I think that this book would be best for ages 10 - 14 because of the language and plot.

Jaimee, age 12

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