Max the Theatre Cat:  The Disappearing Diva

Sarah Todd Taylor

illustrated by Nicole Kinnear

Nosy Crow

June 2018

$14.99 AU

202p pb

ISBN: 978-1788000352

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The book Max the Theatre Cat: The Disappearing Diva is about a cat, Maximillian, that after being kicked out of a rich home owned by Countess Arlington, had to learn how to survive on the streets. The cat is taken in by a crew on the set of a theatre. Just as they were about to put on the greatest show of all time, on stage at the Theatre Royal, they found out that the main singer and diva was an impostor!  Maximillian finds new friends around and in the production.  Thankfully, his new best friend Oscar helps him out and the crew at the Theatre Royal and gives him a cosy home.

This is a funny and entertaining book. I loved the images in the book - they were detailed and fitted nicely with the setting and theme of the story.  I also liked the characters personalities and although there were a lot of characters you could keep track of who was who.  I recommend this book to an audience 11-year-old and older, and who enjoy a great, entertaining and humorous story.

Charlotte, age 11

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