Somebody Give This Heart A Pen

Sophia Thakur

Walker Books

February 2020

$16.99 AU

110p pb

ISBN: 978-1406388534

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Divided into four sections:  Grow, Wait, Break, Grow Again, Somebody Give This Heart A Pen is a collection of poems by performance poet Sophia Thankur. The poems cover a wide range of social issues faced by a young black woman in today’s world. The poems are powerful and empowering and are written with passion and conviction. There is hope shining though the collection of poems, hope for a better world, for facing the ups and downs of life and coming through a better person. London born, Thakur draws upon her mixed heritage: Sri Lankan, Gambian, Indian and brings this to the forefront in powerful poems which explore racism, making your way in the world and falling in and out of love. The only thing to let readers know is that to do this book justice you really need to go online and listen to some of these poems performed by Sophia Thakur to experience them to their fullest. What an amazing artist she is.

Bea, Canberra

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