Concrete Rose

Angie Thomas

Walker Books

January 2021

$18.99 AU

336p pb

ISBN: 978-1406384444

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Concrete Rose by Angie Thomas follows the life of Maverick Carter and his struggles of being a teenager in a gang. With Maverick's father in prison and his mother struggling, Maverick starts dealing drugs. His life is going steady until he finds out he has a son. Maverick decides he needs to stop dealing drugs because he doesn't want the consequences to affect his baby. He now has to find another source of income to provide for a baby and help his mother, while still going to school.

The genre of this novel is teen issues, it also has elements of romance, realism and thriller. I enjoyed this book because it was easy to follow, and it gave me an inside view of people who are living in difficult circumstances. I think the book is best suited for an audience 12+ because there are themes of drugs and violence. If you are looking to read a raw book that really shows you into peoplesí lives, I think this novel would be a good fit.

Yasmin, age 14, Canberra

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