How To Outsmart a Billion Robot Bees

 The Genius Factor, Book 2

Paul Tobin

illustrated by Katie Abey


April 2017

$12.99 AU

346p pb

ISBN: 978-1408881804

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How to Outsmart a Billion Robot Bees by Paul Tobin follows sixth-grader Delphine and her not-usually-very-normal travels with her friend, Nate Bannister, who also happens to be a boy genius. Together with Melville the mechanical bee, Betsy the talking car, and other weird, intelligent objects and animals, they battle the evil Red Death Tea Society, a group of people with highly-questionable intentions. With an uneasy alliance with the socially-awkward League of Ostracized Fellows to add to the mix, this proves no simple task.

This book is highly action-packed, an ideal adventure book for kids ages 8-12. It keeps a light atmosphere nearly the whole time, which I personally found a very refreshing change from the types of books that I usually enjoy. The novel was very simple to read, with no deeper thinking or hidden meaning needed. Though that usually puts me off, this time round it just added to the lively environment. It has a childishly unique appeal to it that's hard to find in other older children’s books. The fact that the novel is littered with scientific ideas adds even more reading appeal. This book is perfect for pre-teens, both boys, and girls, and is guaranteed to delight readers at any time.

Juliet, age 12

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