If I Tell You

Alicia Tuckerman

Pantera Press

March 2018

$19.99 AU

330p pb

ISBN: 978-0646961255

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If I Tell You by Alicia Tuckerman is a heart wrenching story about a small, country-town Australian girl that follows her journey of self-discovery. Alex Summers lives in a tight knit and very set-in-their-ways community so she feels forced to hide her homosexuality from the judgemental town. But when a new family arrives in town and there's a rumour going around about their daughter being a lesbian, Alexís world changes forever.

I think that this book would appeal most to people who are part of the LGBT+ community as Iím sure they would find it relatable and probably learn a lot from it. I would also recommend it to people interested in the lives of LGBT+ people and the ways in which their lives compare to those of heterosexual people. If I Tell You would be suitable for ages 15+. This is because of the themes in the book, which include homophobia, child abuse, homelessness, slurs, chronic diseases, character death, drug and alcohol use. I really liked the insight that this book gave to me into the lives of homosexual people and their struggle against barriers such as homophobia and self-acceptance. 

Chelsea, age 15

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