Laugh Your Head Off Again and Again



November 2017

$19.99 AU

216p hc

ISBN: 978-1760553197

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This book has nine popular authors each writing a short story included in this book. The authors are Andy Griffiths, Alex Ratt, Tony Wilson, Meredith Costain, Tristan Bancks, R.A. Spratt, John Marsden, Deborah Abela and Alan Brough. The illustrator of this book is Andrea Innocent.

This book has a bunch of funny short stories mashed together to make one very funny book. The short story I enjoyed the most was titled Choose your own adventure because through my decisions the ending could be different. Another thing I liked about it was how it teaches you about the consequences of your actions.

Age recommendation - while the funny parts in this book would appeal to young readers, some of the stories might shock or scare them. That is why I think this book would be good for kids aged 7-12.

I like how the book had a twisted sense of humour and had a very funny take on some famous stories/events; Mr Wolf Pie and Choose your own adventure are good examples. 

Although the pictures were only in 2 colours, you could understand exactly what was going on. I also really like the detail in the pictures.

I found each of the stories are quite easy to read, however it still takes a while to read the whole book. I recommend you read this book if you love to laugh a lot.

Charlotte, age 11

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