Trouble Is My Business: an Olivia Grace mystery

Lisa Walker

Wakefield Press

August 2021

$24.95 AU

252p pb

ISBN: 978-1743058442

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Trouble Is My Business: an Olivia Grace mystery, starts off with a girl named Olivia who is a recently retired teen PI (personal investigator); she has passed her first-year law and has a little sister to look after. She also has a best friend, Abbey, but after a recent fight between the two, they haven't talked to each other. Then Olivia finds out that Abbey is missing in Byron Bay, so she drives there to investigate her disappearance. This leads to a further mystery involving the protection of a tree which means different things to multiple characters.

I really liked the way the three main suspects in the novel all had different motivations. This kept me turning the pages, as each time I thought I knew what was going to happen, there was a surprising twist. In addition to the three main suspects, there were a number of other characters introduced who all added to the complex plot. The surprises continued until just before the end when the final mystery was solved.

Olivia Grace is definitely an original detective, who does not rely on the help of sidekicks like other detectives but prefers to work alone. Although the novel is about crime, it is suitable for younger readers. I would recommend it to readers twelve and over, as there is some challenging language. Anyone who likes a good mystery should read this book.

 Linh, age 13

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