Bad Dad

David Walliams


February 2019

$14.99 AU

426p pb

ISBN: 978-0008164669

fp November 2017

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Bad Dad by David Walliams is an engaging book with an amazing use of words, excellent illustrations and a mix of comedy, emotion and drama. The book shows the ongoing love a father has for his loving son, and what lengths heíll go to in order to keep him safe. 

Bad Dad begins with a young boy named Frank who lives with his mother Rita, and his father Gilbert in a large town in England. Frankís father is a professional car racer and is the most famous in the country, however, one day he has an Ďaccidentí. After losing a leg, his wife leaves him.  Nobody would employ Gilbert, and he quickly ran out of money. Frank and Gilbert began to lose hope.  Somehow, Gilbert managed to pay for an extremely expensive racing car set for Frankís birthday. One night something suspicious happened. Gilbert was in a rush to put Frank to bed and go out. But his son knew all too well that his father was up to something and he was determined to find out exactly what it was. So, Frank snuck out of his house to see what his father was up to, only to discover his father was about to take part in a robbery with the most famous and most wanted criminal in the country, along with his two henchman. When they discovered Frank, they threatened to hurt him if his father didnít do the job they had asked. Gilbert was caught and thrown in jail, But Frank has an ingenious plan. Do you want to know what it is? Well then you have to read the book.

I would highly recommend Bad Dad to anyone who loves a laugh or a bit of mystery in the stories they read as Bad Dad certainly has a lot of both those things to offer. Bad Dad doesnít have many complicated words, so I would recommend it for children 8 years and up, but it could be read to a younger child by a parent. Bad Dad is a simply marvellous book that made me laugh and cry. It showed excellent emotion and I can honestly say it was one of the greatest books Iíve ever read.

Giselle, Year 6

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