Wing Jones

Katherine Webber

Walker Books

March 2017

$16.99 AU

384p pb

ISBN: 978-1406369090

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Wing Jones is a young adult novel written by Katherine Webber, about Wing Jones, a half-Ghanaian and half-Chinese teenager who is often bullied as a bi-racial girl and excluded by her peers. She has a brother who is a revered quarterback on the football team, and with all the attention he receives, she feels invisible. But all of these problems seem insignificant when her brotherís recklessness causes a devastating accident that affects her entire family and others as well. Amidst all the stress piling up, Wing finds that she has an extraordinary talent Ė running - which, as well as providing an escape, also gives her the chance to get closer to her long-time crush, Aaron, her brotherís best friend.

Set in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States during the 1990ís, Wing Jones describes the importance of family and friends in tough times, and how to work to overcome your limitations to achieve your goals. I would not recommend it to younger readers, as there are mature references throughout a majority of the book, so it is inappropriate for their age group. On the other hand, it is quite easy to read, so it would be appropriate for people who struggle with reading. Overall, Wing Jones was a thoroughly enjoyable read, with a diverse range of characters, and carries a powerfully emotional but heart-warming point.

Janet, age 12

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