The Secret We Share

Nova Weetman


November 2017

$16.95 AU

228p pb

ISBN: 978-0702259784

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 The Secrets We Keep

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The Secrets We Share, by Nova Weetman, is a wonderful book. It is about feeling like the third wheel. The main character Clem Timmins is starting high school after her house burnt down, however, when her mother moves back in the house she feels like she doesn’t belong. Along with this she introduces her two best friends to each other, and as they get along quite well she feels like she doesn’t belong, even with them. She meets Matt, a boy who lives in the same block as her; he has similar problems of his own. Matt tells Clem of his way to escape, roof topping, this is very different to Clem’s own escape, running.

This story covers the themes of relationships, fitting in and a new start. I enjoyed this book because the themes it covers are covered with a realistic touch; however, I faced difficulties when trying to get attached to Clem. I personally found it easier to like the character of Matt over Clem. This book is easy to read, and I would recommend it to readers aged 11-13.

Jasleen, age 13

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