The Book of Chance

Sue Whiting

Walker Books

April 2020

$17.99 AU

278p pb

ISBN: 978-1760651367

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The Book of Chance is an enthralling teen novel by Australian novelist, Sue Whiting. The novel follows the story of Chance, an assured 12-year-old on the brink of teenagerhood. When she is faced with a coincidental encounter, her entire world collapses as she desperately tries to sort the fact from fiction. The novel focuses on many highly relevant topics such as secrets, truth and trust. From these topics, the author has powerfully portrayed that secrets are dangerous, and that truth builds trust.

Elements of the novel which I thoroughly enjoy include the setting of the novel in a local, Australian city as well as the use of a true case to develop the plot. The use of both these factors add further depth, significance and meaning to the powerful messages conveyed by the novel. The unique layout and format of The Book of Chance was an additional feature which I enjoyed, giving originality, and building suspense throughout the novel.

The use of a simple yet captivating writing style makes this novel extremely easy to follow and understand. I would especially recommend this book to young adults across Australia as the messages of truth, lies and secrets are extremely significant as you begin to enter adulthood. The Book of Chance is a thought provoking, powerful novel which explores the dangers of secrets and the importance of truth.

Ally, Year 10

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