Sue Whiting

Walker Books

March 2018

$17.99 AU

272p pb

ISBN: 978-1760650032

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This story is quite suspenseful, and you never want to stop reading it. I absolutely loved this adventure/mystery book about a young girl named Mackenzie da Luca whose mother has run away without any trace of where she has disappeared to. Now 114 days later Mackenzie and her father run away in the dead of the night, on an enormous mission to find her.

This story can get a little bit confusing when it goes back in time to when Mackenzie’s mother has only been missing for a shorter amount of time and then it will come back to the present when she has been missing for a much longer period of time. Eventually both stories meet when they are still on the same old heartbreaking mission to find out if Mackenzie’s mother is dead or alive.

Mackenzie and her father have run away to Panama because they have found out that was the last place she was sighted by locals. Now they are there in those same streets and in those same jungles that she was in. When they get into the streets of Panama Mackenzie and her father meet a local named Carlo. Carlo offered for Mackenzie and her father to stay in his uncle’s hotel but when Mackenzie and her father got into their room that they would be staying in, they found out that it was quite a rundown hotel. Now Mackenzie and her father are on the tough search for her mother.

Sadly, Mackenzie’s father gets very sick and he has to stay in the hospital so now Mackenzie is all alone in Panama. Mackenzie and Carlo meet a man who had talked to Mackenzie’s mother not too long ago. The man told them that Mackenzie’s mother is most likely searching for some rare bats that are in some caves that would be quite a long bus ride away. Mackenzie decides to leave her father in the hospital and go search for her mother with Carlo. Will Mackenzie find her mother?

I would recommend this book to people aged about 10 years and up. It wasn’t too hard to read once you have gotten part way the through the book. This book was the best book I have read in ages and I truly loved this book. Overall, I think it was an incredible book.

Kezia, age 11

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