Henry Hamlet's Heart

Rhiannon Wilde


July 2021

$19.99 AU

320p pb

ISBN: 978-0702263149

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Henry Hamletís Heart, written by Rhiannon Wilde is a young adult novel published in 2021. Set in 2008 at an all-boys school, it follows the titular Henry Hamlet in his final semester of year 12 as he tries to work out what to do after school finishes. Henry is best friends with Len - heís the heartthrob, the popular one while Henry thinks of himself as a clumsy, stressed-out mess. Itís always worked - until Len is dared to kiss him one night at a party, leaving Henry with a massive crush on his best friend.

This book can be read by anyone over the age of 14, but the setting and some of the content makes it more suited to those who are closer in age to the characters. The novel has excellent LGBTQ+ representation and the description of Lenís tense relationship with his father is realistic and well treated.

Henry Hamletís Heart won the Glendower Award for an Emerging Queensland Writer, and for good reason. Overall, itís beautifully written - the portrayal of Henry and Lenís friends-to-lovers storyline, the emotions and personalities of every character, and the way Rhiannon Wilde has captured all of the strangeness that comes with finishing school and having to work out what to do next. Even if youíre not a fan of the genre, I would thoroughly recommend this novel.

Eleanor, age 15, Canberra

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