Queens Of Geek

Jen Wilde

Swoon Reads

May 2017

$16.99 AU

282p pb

ISBN: 978-1250111395

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Queens of Geek is a book about two 18-year-old girls: Charlie and Taylor. Charlie is the type of girl that likes to stand out where Taylor has trouble feeling like she can fit in. Both girls are very different from each other, yet both learn that they can do anything and don’t always need to be afraid. Taylor is afraid of change, especially with her best friend, Jamie. Their relationship is unbreakable so when something happens and everything changes Taylor learns that she can cope. Charlie is getting over a recent break up with the famous Reese Ryan. She wants to prove to everyone that she is over him and doesn’t need him for fame. So, when everything goes wrong for Charlie, we watch her rise. They show love and friendship and experience the hardness of life, yet they always manage to pull through.

This book is very inspiring. I think this book’s genre is drama, with love being the main theme the book is based around. I loved this book and as soon as I got to the good parts I struggled to stop reading. I found that this book is very helpful with how to get through the tough parts of life. I learnt a lot about what to expect when I grow up yet I now know helpful hints to help me through. I strongly recommend people read this book though I would recommend this book to readers who are 12-13+ because of some of the contents in the book.

Keishan, Year 8

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