In The Lamplight

Dianne Wolfer

illustrated by Brian Simmonds

Fremantle Press

April 2018

$16.99 AU

120p hc

ISBN: 978-1925591224

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I love the book In the Lamplight (genre - historical romance) because of the eye-catching and amazing illustrations which are made from charcoal drawings and photographs from the period of time the book is set. I also like the creative way the book is structured which is a combination of the story, the diary of the main character, Rose, and documents from the time. The book is mostly about how war can affect people. 

Rose is a young girl who lives in Harefield, England. She is a lovely and accepting character that goes through a lot of challenges. One day, Rose decides to help out and volunteer at the local hospital for hurt and shell-shocked patients. She reads to the patients with her best friend Bessie. Although Rose has been through a lot of tragedies, lots of wonderful things have happened to her too, including meeting Jim McDonnell - the lighthouse boy. Jim is a blind patient who canít walk because of an injury from war. Most of the patients in the ward are Australian and Rose loves to hear their stories. But, unfortunately after the war patients have stopped flowing in, the Spanish influenza hits and many patients die.

I think that In the lamplight is suitable for students aged 10+ because of the language used which may be confusing for younger readers. Also, the concept of WW1 might be a bit hard to understand and consider for less mature readers. This is a sad but fantastic book and I definitely recommend it to readers interested in romance, history and a little twist of sadness.

Charlotte, age 11

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