Lady Mary

Lucy Worsley


June 2018

$12.99 AU

374p pb

ISBN: 978-1408869444

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When her father is the King and her mother the Queen, Princess Mary longs for time to herself instead of being rushed to different classes to prepare her to be the perfect princess. Mary longs to grow up so she can be free of her duties and, most of all, Mary longs for her father’s love. So when the malicious, Lady Anne Boleyn comes in and steals her father’s heart, Princess Mary has no idea what is going to happen to her family. After being separated from her Mother and stripped of her title, how is Lady Mary going to make her come back?

Lady Mary is a book about Henry the Eighth’s first daughter to Queen Catherine. The book views the divorce of Queen Catherine and King Henry through the eyes of their daughter, Princess Mary. This book’s genre is history and before reading it, I suggest you do some research on the eight wives of King Henry because I struggled to understand some of the things that were happening. The book is split into three parts and the it was quite easy for me to read. I would recommend it to ages 12+. I enjoyed learning more about King Henry the Eighth and would recommend it for people interested in learning more about this era.

Keishan Year 9

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