The Happiness Quest

Richard Yaxley

An Omnibus Book from Scholastic Australia

August 2018

$18.99 AU

156p pb

ISBN: 978-1742991993

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The Happiness Quest by Richard Yaxley is about a girl named Tillie who always feels sad and her journey to find happiness. Tillie goes to a therapist, who just gives her tablets, and then she finds another therapist who suggests that she find out what happiness is. Through her quest, she finds out things about her family that she was unaware of, and about what makes other people happy in their lives. During her journey Tillie meets new people and discovers new things about the people she values most. 

This novel would most likely appeal to young adult to adult readers. It is a deep story that may not be appropriate for young children. The novel is well written and uses descriptive language. It is easy to relate to Tillie, since the novel is written from Tillie’s perspective. It is realistic, showing why Tillie chose to do what she did, without making it seem too over the top. The novel is engaging, but quite deep, so it is not an easy read.

Kate, age 13

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