When We Are Invisible

Claire Zorn


April 2021

$19.99 AU

312p pb

ISBN: 978-0702263132

follows The Sky So Heavy

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When We Are Invisible by Claire Zorn is an Australian-set novel which follows the lives of Lucy, Fin, and Max as they escape from a post-apocalyptic Sydney. This book is a sequel to Zornís bestseller The Sky So Heavy, however, I found that by itself the book is just as engaging, and the author provides enough background information to understand the plot without having read the previous novel. 

One of the main themes in this novel is gender inequality and the effects of violence on women. As well as being interesting and entertaining to read, the book provides an insight into womenís lives and struggles in hope to spark change. I found it interesting to discover how Zorn thinks women may be treated in a dangerous situation such as an apocalypse, and how we can relate that to our world today. That being said, some of the situations discussed can be a bit confronting and not suitable for less mature readers (13+) - these include violence and rape.

Something which made this book stand out for me was how I could connect it to the global pandemic occurring today. Although the novel would be just as engaging to read without the current events happening in the world, the pandemic is something which I could relate back to as the characters made decisions to further understand their thinking process on a deeper level.

Overall, When We Are Invisible by Claire Zorn is an insightful and empowering read which hopes to both engage the reader and spark change.

Freya, age 16

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