Stan Karasinski


Celebrant Only Software

A CD ROM or USB Thumb Drive containing all the legal documents you need to get started

NB: CD/ USB Drive only available for purchase on appointment as an Authorised Marriage Celebrant- you must supply a Registration number

All essential forms are offered in Electronic-Format.

All forms are compatible with Microsoft Word (in template form) and PDF files need Acrobat Reader (is a free download from the Internet).

 IBM Compatible only - Sorry, not Apple Mac unless you have a converter

What‘s on the CD ROM? This is only a selection

1. Notice of Intended Marriage: - (Form 13) Regulation 38 - Personalised with your details in PDF Format (Internet ready) two are provided one for the internet  and the other for office use.
2. Marriage Certificate: - (Form 14)  A4 Template (from June 2009)
3. Marriage Certificate: - (Form 15) Bride Certificate Template
4. Statutory Declaration: - Re inability to provide birth Certificate etc.
5. Statutory Declaration:- Re Interpreter
6. Letter - Dept Immigration and Multicultural Affairs (Spousal Visa)
7. Client Invoice – fees and important legal fees
8. Marriage Act 1961 in both PDF and MS Word format
9. Marriage Regulations in both PDF and MS Word Format
10. Birth, Death or Marriage Application form (PDF Format)

Many more forms too numerous to mention - including the Compulsory DVD PDF File When words are not enough


 All this for $AUD60.00 – (includes P/H) anywhere in Australia almost overnight if order with payment received early in the morning.



Return with payment to:

Mr. Stan Karasinski,
26 Hardy Road,
Ashfield W. A. 6054

Please ensure the following details are listed with your order.  Complete Using Block Letters & Write Legibly

If your  A number is not supplied at the time of  the order it will be delayed and cannot be processed.
Details used will be from AG website if different from application form


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