Stan Karasinski


Legion of Ex-servicemen and Women Inc



Our Heartfelt Sorrow to family on the sad loss of the lives of:


Kevin Jesse Meredith 28/11/1924 - 6/6/2013 Life Member
Lil Richards      3/7/1924 - 26/5/2012
Eddie Nelson   11/10/1923 - 12/03/2012
Lionel Hutchings   19/01/1925 - 7/03/2012 Life Member
Raymond Marr   17/5/2011 Life Member
Elva Curran        10/3/1926 - 7/9/2011
Alwyn Bryant - 5 /01/ 2011 Life Member
John (Jack) Lannigan 7/9/1920 - 17/08/2010 Life Member
Vern Richards   22/09/1920 - 05/05/210
Ruth Lannigan    20/5/1924 - 2008
Olwyn & Norm Young 24th April and 26th April 2008 respectively Car Accident

"Lest we Forget"

Their names will liveth forever

Stan Karasinski
State President

Kings Park Botanical Gardens has installed a plaque on back of a
'Seat of Remembrance'
located opposite "Aspects" at the Western end of the State War Memorial  Ceremonial Walk closest to the pathway.

Australian Legion of Ex-servicemen and Women Inc

Advises it has closed its doors in West Australia as from the COB 9th July 2012.

1.     Each of the three military services have been enriched with a donation.

2.     A Jarrah memorial seat with plaque is to be installed in Kings Park Botanical Gardens,

3.     A shield with engraved plaque  is to be presented to Hollywood Private Hospital for display in the Entrance.


All other memorabilia including the Legion Flag and Banner will be forwarded to National Archives for posterity.


Stan Karasinski – State President  (

Australian Legion of Ex-servicemen and Women Inc

Special General Meeting – To Windup

The Legion in West Australia

You are invited to attend a Special General Meeting to vote for the closure of the WA Branch  as per the rules in the Constitution of the Legion of Ex-servicemen and women. All members are asked to vote yes to the item on the  form Notice to windup (Constitution) below as a download)

              The Quarrie bar and Restaurant

  2 Macquarie Boulevard

Monday 9th July 2012

12.00HRS Sharp

 Yours Sincerely

Stanislaw (Stan) Karasinski
State President

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Monday 9th November 2009

Parish Hall - Aranmore College

Franklin and Shakespeare St


13.30HRS Sharp

  In accordance with the requirements under the Incorporations Act the AGM will be held  as above

All members are urged to attend, to vote on the continuance of the Legion of Ex-servicemen and Women Inc past 2009

Legion of Ex-servicemen and Women

Our Association, the Australian Legion of Ex-Servicemen and Women, WA Branch inc.  is required by Rule 5 of its rules to seek the approval of the Attorney General of Western Australia for any changes to its rules.  Our Association wishes to amend its rules in the terms of the attached proposal, and accordingly we seek your approval to do so.

 At the present, there is a restriction in our ‘objects’ rule preventing the expenditure of any part of our funds except on charitable objects.  Our Association is composed of mainly WWII and Korean War Veterans.  As such, most of us are getting on in years and many are somewhat infirm to say the least.  Our Association would like to remove this stricture relating to charitable objects and replace it with a more general one.  Our Association’s idea is to allow us a broader expenditure that is aimed more at the welfare of our members.  The type of expenditure we are thinking of is assisting in gatherings between our members and their comrades in other similar organizations, or on individual members or comrades who are in needy circumstances or other assistance aimed at their general welfare and well being.  We think that this type of expenditure is more in keeping with our rapidly ageing and infirm veteran membership.  It would greatly help us when trying to assist our members or another ex serviceman or woman if we could provide such under the rubric of welfare and well being and not have it refused because they do not need ‘charity’.

 The first two amendments in the attached proposal do this, firstly by deleting the stricture relating to ‘Charitable objects’ and then by broadening the scope of paragraph (c) of Rule 3.

 There is a further alteration our Association would also like to make, and that is, with our respects to you Sir, to remove the requirement to seek your approval for our rule changes, and to replace it with a requirement that in the future, rules be amended in accordance with the Associations Incorporation Act,1987, as amended from time to time.  Apart from the requirement to seek your approval for any rule changes, at present there is no other rule that allows us to alter our rules.   

 Please find enclosed a copy of our rules and the proposed amendments.  If such amendments meet with your approval, we propose to register the same and all future amendments will then be made in accordance with the relevant Associations Incorporations Act..

 Our Association made the decision to alter the rules of our Association at our general meeting held on 13th August 2007.

Special General Meeting – To Alter a Rule of the Constitution

You are invited to attend a Special General Meeting to vote for changes to alter the Constitution of the Legion of Ex-servicemen and women. All members are asked to vote yes to all items listed on the attached form Notice to Alter the Rules (Constitution) below as a download)

                                     At Venue  - Zacks Café,

Rear of Dianella Hotel, Alexander Ave, Dianella

                                Commencing :  11.30AM

Monday 8th December 2008

Please advise your attendance

 Yours Sincerely

Stanislaw (Stan) Karasinski
State President

Link to rule change

Meeting Results - Special Resolution 

As State President I would like to thank all members, for apologies and proxy votes and those attending the Special General Meeting on the 8th December to change the Rules and Objectives of the Constitution.  All three items on the Special Meeting Agenda have  been agreed to by unanimous Vote.

The Rule change has been filed with the Department of Consumer Protection and Employment. 

Stan Karasinski
State President