Stan Karasinski


 Please Note: From July 1 2017, I will no longer be performing Marriages.


About: I was appointed by the Australian Federal Government, on 16 February1995,as an
  Authorised Civil Celebrant.

As a "Bespoke" celebrant, all Brides and Grooms have the opportunity to have input to make their wedding ceremony stylised to their own individuality. (assistance with all elements of the ceremony especially the legal parts of the "vows".)

As a former Executive Officer of MCA Inc. from which I retired in March 2011,

I was awarded "Life Membership" in 2008 by my peers of MCA  and also hold  membership of - Celebrants and  Celebrations Network Australia as well as Members of the Universal Life Church.  

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This Celebrant follows the  Attorney-General's Department  Code of Practice for Marriage Celebrants

I am daily in-touch, with some 1600 Marriage Celebrants Australia-wide by Email forum on a wide-range of informative issues relating to Marriage in Australia. As well I have a direct link to the Attorney General's Department.

As the former Executive Officer I have often mediated and counselled Celebrants with Celebrancy related issues. As well as Mentored new appointee Celebrants when appointed.

As the initiator of Celebrant Training  in W. A. conducted "live" video recorded sessions of 'Ongoing Professional Development' for Marriage Celebrants as part of their Legislative Compulsory requirement,   DVD's of these sessions were marketed Australia-Wide.

I have been married since 1975, and a father of 4 children, a grandfather of 14 and great grandfather of 25 Great-Grandchildren.

I am the proud recipient of the 'National Service Medal' awarded to me in January 2003 by the Federal Government for my 'Years of Service as a Nasho' - albeit 35 years after the event. And a further award the 'Australian Defence Medal' in 2006.



  National Service Medal  1968-1974  

My days of being a 'Nasho' in the Infantry has put me in good stead, handling people and understanding. I am presentable, honest, approachable and reliable.

I am the retiring State President of the recently wound-up Legion of Ex-servicemen and Women in WA

My philosophy is the KISS principle:-

Keep It Simple Stupid.

An avid follower and believer of the Attorney-General's, 'Marriage Celebrant Program', of on-going Professional Development for all Authorised Civil Marriage Celebrants. This will hone the skills and knowledge base of all Authorised Civil Celebrants, and which will raise levels of awareness within the  'profession' and more importantly the needs basis of clients. It will not clone celebrants alike!

As an Authorised Marriage Celebrant, I am able to perform 'Marriage anywhere and anytime in Australia and its Territories'.

A fulltime Professional Caring Person (having retired after 27 years service within the Airline Industry ), my extensive Military background, as well as my many years in the Human Resources field, has given me a better than average edge with understanding people's needs and wants.

My ability to speak at public gatherings be it large or small, is not dependent on microphones or electronic devices (though should the need arise, these devices are on hand and can be supplied to handle up to 500 hundred people).

Today is the First Day of the rest of your life

So have

  it Your Way