Stunning costume
Pride in their Toaripi culture



The Miaru-Papamai Cultural Dance and Traditional Drama Group was formed in 2005. It comprises of about thirty-five young people and adults of Miaru. We wish to...

  • maintain, renew and develop the strong cultural history and customs of Miaru
  • develop in our young people a pride in their culture
  • provide a dance group to perform to guests and visitors
  • display strong Gulf culture in PNG and in overseas displays.

We have performed in Miaru to special visitors to the Village and to the School Community. These visitors include Mr. Chris Haveita and staff and students from Chancellor State College, Queensland on several occasions. We are very keen to perform to a wider national and/or international audience.

Traditional dances performed include the Keoa, Harerou, Pipi, Lieri, Meotoro and Paraisa.

Dance Dramas include the Petoro and Lellise, and the War Carrier Dance.

Drum performances include Luvuapo and Morise, Kaita Love, Sia Faro and Tovita, and Levao and Meavea.

Contact us if you are interested in more information.


Miaru grass skirts

Members of Miaru-Papamai

Adult members of group

Miaru-Papamai is a registered Performing Arts Group with the National Cultural Commission of PNG.