Custom Made Grills

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This is one of the latest products added to our parts and accessories for the Charcoal Spit Roasts Units. 

These Charcoal Grills are designed in such a way that they can be dismantled so that the individual parts can be thoroughly cleaned and then reassembled. 

The Charcoal Grill Rods are made from Stainless Steel.

Standard Width suits a 510mm spacing.

Size mm long          Price    

300mm                $85.00

450mm                $120.00

600mm                 $140.00

750mm                 $170.00

Custom sizes can be supplied, but there are added costs for this type of order due to it being only a one off design, manufacture and not our standard size. 

These grills fit easily inside the standard spit roast that Spits & Bits produces as pictured below, this is the 600mm grill fitted into a 2ft Standard Spit Roast Fire Box.