Spits & Bits Story

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I first traded as Spit & Bits in 1986 from my home in Hobbs Cresent, Reservoir, Victoria


A little bit of history about the business and myself.

I am qualified Fitter, Turner, Toolmaker, and Electrical Appliance Serviceman. The main reason that l started the business was to see if l could make use of my existing skills to start a successful business, and of course to earn some extra income as I found you could not rely on over-time at work, and that hopefully some time into the future it may grow to the point that l could be self employed. I soon found out that the business was extremely seasonal and the demand for these type of units was not enough to sustain it as full-time employment, so I ran the business on a part-time basis still from home until 2003. In December 2003 l was made redundant and I have used this as an opportunity to attempt to grow the business into a full time GIG. So if you want to contact me directly it is best to phone me during normal business hours, 9.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 3.00pm Saturdays on 94693869 (03 if interstate) or mobile 0400269485.

About a year earlier to 1986 l made my first Charcoal Spit Roast and as in most cases, for first efforts it was an over engineered, heavy, bulky and awkward thing to use. It was at this point that l decided to revisit the drawing board and I came up with the still current basic design that I use now and then started to look into making Gas Spits as well. At this stage I was making both Charcoal and Gas Spit Roasts. I built up a small fleet of both Gas & Charcoal Spit Roasts for hire to the general public and from these hire contacts I started to sell quite a few of the Spit Roasts. I still have contacts with customers from those early days for spare parts, new sales, and refits to upgrade their old spit roasts. These folk have been using their spit roasts for a very long time so I guess that speaks for itself of  the ease of use, reliability and quality of the design.

Where am l,  Spits & Bits  now.

In 1988 I moved house to 2 Box St, Reservoir. this property having a better garage set-up with more room and I set-up my workshop here. In 2003 in December I was made redundant at my work at Kodak and I took this opportunity to see if l could grow the business to become self-employed and also complete my studies at T.A.F.E. of the Diploma of Engineering Mechanical. I completed the Diploma in 2005, and have grown the business during that period. In 2006 l completed the Advance Diploma of Engineering and still growing the business, it has now reached the stage of a Full Time Gig, and continues to grow. I am continuing to expanded the range of Charcoal Spit Roasts and Accessories available, these being driven by the customers needs and feedback. Some of these new spit roast designs and accessories are as follows: 

I have continued successfully through the 2006 Christmas & 2007 New-Year silly-season. The business has grown enough now almost to be a full-time gig. Spits and Bits continues to grow and it seems that l have  succeeded with this venture, but only time will tell. So as we travel into the future, l will endeavor to continue supplying my customers with the service and quality that they have been acquainted with over the past years that they have dealt with me and welcome new customers to check-out what l have to offer them. 


Just short thank-you.

I would like to thank all the loyal customers that I have dealt with in the past 21 or so years and hope your Spit Roast experiences have brought you lots of fun and celebration to both families and friends. I am hoping to see you again and if you have any inquiries for spares, hires, sales and special orders just give me a call or send a email so that we can discuss them further.