My Espresso Gear
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These are my Coffee-Tosser pages.

I've recently (2011-2012) got into refurbishing espresso machines.  This has the added bonus of having an end-product that is useful at home.  i.e. More than just to myself or my workshop.

These are new pages, so please be patient while I get them organised.

Equipment I own & its current status.

Carimali Uno E - 1-group, commercial Stripped down & ready for rebuilding
La Rocca Expres - 2-group, commercial Major Service & put into use, July 2012
Breville 800ES - Domestic Retired & looking for a new owner
Sunbeam EM6910 - Domestic Current backup espresso unit
Boema Grinder (Gino Rossi RR45) Main coffee grinder
Sunbeam EM0480 Grinder Backup coffee grinder

You'll notice that I have 'backup units' - These are so I can work on one machine (at my leisure), whilst still being able to enjoy a good cup of coffee.

Here's my home 'cafe' area - Shows the La Rocca Expres & the Boema grinder: