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I bought an old Advance lathe (April 2005).  Made in Melbourne, Australia during the 1970's (best guess).  It's a clone of the Myford M4, a popular predecessor of the '7' series, and one of the lathes which initially built Myford's pre & post WWII reputation.  It's similar to the UK Perfecto lathe.

The lathe is 7" throw (3-1/2 centre ht.) by 20" between centres. #2 MT.  Has 3 speeds + back-gearing, 6 speeds total.  Imperial leadscrew, indexed dials on cross-slide & compound.

It's size is a little limiting for what I want to do, but it was at least affordable.

Accessories included (after a lot of bargaining) were:
100mm 3 & 4-jaw chucks by Pratt (UK)
Centres, 2 dead , 1 live
Original toolholder & 4-tool toolpost
1/2" Jacobs chuck
Assorted oddments of tooling
Set of 10 imperial screwcutting gears
21 tooth metric conversion gear
2 worn out H.S.S cutters
1 brazed tungsten carbide tip thread-cutter

When purchased it was in dire need of maintenance.  It looked like it was rarely lubricated & the gibs not adjusted for many years.  Original machining is still visible on machined surfaces, so wear was not excessive.

After stripping it right down, cleaning inside & out, it was re-assembled, lubricated & adjusted.  The only work remaining is minor, things like re-bushing the slide screws & straightening the compound tool-rest screw (slightly bent).

Here it is:

Note: Mounted on a simple tubular steel floor stand (painters' trestles braced & welded), under a home-made aluminium tray.  Between the tray and the lathe bed are two cast iron stands from an old refrigeration compressor I had lying around.

There are a couple of websites with more details on this type of lathe.  The best ones are at:

 Lathe Radial Drilling & Light Milling Attachment / Modification.

An old  GMC drill press has been repaired & modified to bolt onto the tee-slots of the cross slide.

This allows me to perform radial drilling & light radial milling on the lathe, when used in conjunction with the Indexable Mandrel Handle.

Modifications to the drill press include:
A quill lock using a brass shoe & knurled bolt installed into the head.
Adjustable height column.
Thread mount Jacobs drill chuck - The Jacobs taper one kept falling off.