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G'day - Welcome to my world

This front page is just a jumping off point to my - 

Radio Control Model Airplane Pages:
                    - Just started these pages, please be patient

My Espresso Gear, including La Rocca & Carimali Uno
                    - Just started these pages, please be patient

Carimali Uno Espresso Machine Manuals & Files:

are on my Carimali Espresso Machine Yahoo Group page - Contains photographs, user manual, service manual, parts lists etc.  It alsp has manuals for several other commercial espresso machines (including the La Rocca) & some interesting stuff related to maintenance & repair of higher level machines.

Home Machining Pages:

This site contains multiple pages, sharing one of my hobbies with like minded people - home machining, hobby engineering, making of tools, tooling & metalwork machines etc.

My other hobby is model airplane flying (for which I haven't created a site).  I fly at WARMS in Perth Western Australia - The club has a website at

If you wish to contact me by email, there is a link on the 'Toolworks' page.  My mobile number (in Australia) is 0415 615 435, so you can always SMS me if my phone's turned off or if your emails appear to be going astray.

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