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A page in progress:

The La Rocca Expres is a 2-group, rotary pump commercial espresso machine.

This is the espresso machine I'm currently using at home.  It is in good condition considering it hadn't been used for a year when I bought it.

It has had the steam, water & anti-vacuum valves re-built, the main switch replaced, all knobs replaced, one element disconnected (earth leakage test on one element was marginal & not being in a commercial environment, doesn't need super fast recovery).  The boiler has been insulated to reduce heat loss, hence power consumption, which means that the cup-warmer is only slightly warm - No problem, I pre-heat the cups with water from the tap anyway.

For insulation, I wrapped the boiler in 2-layers of silicone, non-skid mat (the stuff used to protect tables from hot plates, purchased from 'Spotlight' fabric shop), followed by 2-layers of an insulation fabric (same shop - used to make oven mitts & ironing board covers).

Makes great espresso, latte, cappuccino etc - Overkill, perhaps, for the 15+ drinks I make each day with it (includes using it as a source of hot water for cocoa, tea, instant coffee etc) - But then...

I run it on filtered water - Carbon filter, cation exchange resin filter ('softens' the water by removing calcium & magnesium) & a simple 10-micrometre (micron) poly-spun filter.  Pressure is 3.5 Bar.  All of this restricts water flow, so I included an accumulator (as used in a reverse osmosis system - 5-litre), to smooth out water flow.

Many of the parts on this machine are generic & can be found/substituted with those from other common brands of espresso machine.  I will put a table of compatible parts on here sometime soon.