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This is a page about my (Dxs's) G1 Integra. I bought my 1987 (86 build) generation 1 Honda Integra SX16 in Feburary of 2003. At that time it had only done 122,000 kilometres and had a full honda service history. The body and interior were in excellent condition with the body only having minor scratches and a few chips, and the interior having a small crack in the dash, this is also the current state of the vehicle :p. Both the kilometres and condition of the car are superb for its age. This is the 2 door version of the integra (4 door versions were not sold by Honda in Australia but Rover did sell the 4door model [under a different name]). The teg is powered by a 1.6litre Honda DOHC engine, the D16A3 (D16A*'s were also used in such cars as the late 80's CRX and 93-95? Civic SI). The 86-87 D16A3 has a peak power of 90KW at 6200RPM and peak torque of 142NM at 5500RPM, the redline is at 7000RPM and fuel cut out at 7500RPM. My car has a 4 speed Automatic transmission and other standard features such as 14inch alloy wheels, AC and PS.
Below are some images of my teg, just click them to see the full size. If you would like to contact me my email is

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Image comments -
1. Front of the teg, note blue fluffy dice and P plate :p
2. Front angle of the teg
3. Side view of the teg
4. Rear angle of the teg
5. Front angle of the teg with the lights up
6. Teg with lights, doors and hatch up
7. Same as above but side view
8. Interior shot from outside, note DOHC sticker and dice again :p
9. Closer interior shot, gotta love autos :/
10. Dash shot, note 120k's on the clock and 7,000rpm redline :p
11. Shot of the good ol D16A3
12. Rear shot of Honda bage and teg sticker/badge
13. Front angle shot of the teg with high beams on and hazard lights, note sexy driver :p
14. Rear shot of the teg with parking lights on
15. Windscreen shot, note, sexy driver.. again :p
16. Chosen 'arty' pic of the teg

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