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PHONE: (02) 9602 0764 (Office)
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*** Please Note - After 32 years of successfully helping many 1000's of clients David Swain has now retired *** As of 1st February 2006 David Swain's office is now closed and this website is for general information purposes only ****

Established in 1974, David Swain has run a successful practice in Liverpool for almost 30 years. During that time he has developed a solid reputation by providing positive results to clients. He is well know to many Medical GPs in Sydney's South West and receives numerous referrals. Some clients even travel interstate and international seeking his help.

Office Hours: *** Now Closed ***
Hypnotherapy consultations are by appointment only with office hours
Monday To Friday - 6:00pm To 9:30pm (excluding public holidays)
to conveniently meet the need of most people who work during the day.
Appointments outside these times can be made by special arrangement.

You will find David Swain's fees very reasonable in comparison to many other Hypnotherapists. Fees are currently $66.00 per session with a pensioner concession rate of $55.00 per session (including GST). Payment is by cash or cheque at the time of consultation. Unfortunately no Medicare or Health Fund rebates are available and regrettably credit card and EFTPOS facilities are unavailable.

Office Location Map:
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About David:
Originally from South Wales in the United Kingdom, David began studying Hypnosis in 1968. At that time few formal courses existed and studies were done under the tuition of UK hypnotherapists using hypnosis for clinical benefits. Arriving in Australia in 1970, David continued his studies under a number of successful Australian hypnotherapists and eventually established his own practice in Liverpool in 1974.

About David's Hypnosis Technique:
Based on clinical subconscious mind hypnotic induction theory and techniques used in the UK, USA, and Australia, David has developed his own technique based on 30 years of practical success in treating his many 1,000's of clients.

The technique is personalised "one-to-one" tailored to your exact requirements. David is dedicated to truly helping you. During your first session your problem(s) will be discussed and assessed prior to starting hypnotherapy. With a 90% success rate in treatment very few people are unable to be helped. However, should it be determined on your first session that you cannot be helped then no initial consultations fees will be charged.

David does not conduct Group Hypnosis sessions or use Hypnosis Tapes, CDs, or Internet MP3s, etc, as research has show these can be of limited benefit. David is committed to the clinical therapeutic use of hypnosis and does not condone Stage Hypnosis used for purposes of entertainment.

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Helping You:
David specialises in treating problems associated with the following:-

There are an increasing number of ways to quit smoking including, Zyban® medication, nicotine patches, acupuncture and of course going "cold turkey". However, the method most recommended by doctors is behaviour modification. With behaviour modification, you change your behaviour to get to the desired result. Hypnosis is a powerful form of behaviour modification that can help you stop smoking quickly and easily. With hypnosis, you will use the power of your own mind to kick the habit finally and completely. Using hypnosis, you will not replace smoking with another negative habit, such as overeating. You will just stop smoking.

Weight Control
As with smoking, there are many methods for weight control including, drug medication, herbal substitutes, expensive special meal plans, exercise programs, and of course 1,000's of diet plans often contradicting each other. The only way to lose weight and keep it off for good is to change the way you eat. Using hypnosis, and your desire to succeed you can safely change the old bad habits and loose weight while you enjoy eating in sensible moderation.

Stress, Anxiety, Tension, Depression
Research has shown an estimated 80% of all medical complaints are stress related. High stress levels are linked to medical problems such as heart disease and strokes. Stress can contribute to behavioural problems such as excessive drinking and drug use, depression, absenteeism, poor concentration and decreased productivity at work. It can even lead to the breakdown of relationships between family and friends. In addressing these problems the first steps is to identify situations that are causing excessive stress in your life. Hypnosis can then help you to develop coping mechanisms to handle and reduce the stress. Reducing your stress levels means that you are able to respond to situations in a manner satisfactory to yourself and the situation.

Hypnotherapy assists you to discover and access your creative, unlimited potential, thereby allowing you to release the negative or limiting habits and associated ideas. We all experience doubts or setbacks.  Resolving problems related to self-esteem, confidence or motivation is one of the most important and valuable capabilities of hypnotherapy. 

Other Problems
Although specialising in the above, David Swain has successfully used hypnosis in the treatment of numerous behavioural and even some physical problems. Following is a list of just some of these problems: Asthma, Exam & Study Concentration, Gambling, Headaches, Insomnia, Nail-biting, Phobias, Sexual Dysfunction, Stuttering

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Hypnosis And The Sub-conscious Mind:
Hypnosis is a procedure during which a client experiences changes in sensations, perceptions, thoughts, or behaviour. Your conscious mind is relaxed to the point whereby it is by-passed, and you and the therapist can direct thoughts and images deeply and directly to the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the repository for everything that we have ever learned since birth. Many negative and positive happenings may be hidden deeply therein. When the subconscious is accessed through hypnosis, it can reveal information, facts and causes for certain behaviours and emotions. This is the first great step to change:  To understand, more or less, the past incidents that make you what you are, thereby affording you the opportunity to address these issues, and to capitalise on all of the positive aspects of your being.

The hypnotic state is generally established by an induction procedure. Although there are many different hypnotic inductions, most include suggestions for relaxation, calmness, and well-being. Instructions to imagine or think about pleasant experiences are also commonly included in hypnotic inductions. People respond to hypnosis in different ways. Some describe hypnosis as a normal state of focused attention, in which they feel very calm and relaxed. Regardless of how and to what degree they respond, most people describe the experience as very pleasant. Some people are very responsive to hypnotic suggestions and others are less responsive. A person's ability to experience hypnotic suggestions can be inhibited by fears and concerns arising from some common misconceptions.

Contrary to some depictions of hypnosis in books, movies or television, people who have been hypnotised do not lose control over their behaviour. They typically remain aware of who they are and where they are and remember what transpired during hypnosis. Hypnosis makes it easier for people to experience suggestions, but it does not force them to have these experiences. Hypnosis is not a type of therapy, like psychoanalysis or behaviour therapy. Instead, it is a procedure that can be used to facilitate therapy. Hypnosis has been used in the treatment of pain, depression, anxiety, stress, habit disorders, and many other psychological and medical problems. However, it may not be useful for all psychological problems or for all patients or clients.

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FAQs And Common Misconceptions:

1. Is a Doctor's Referral needed to see a Hypnotherapist ?
A referral is not necessary. On occasion the hypnotherapist may work with your doctor where it is felt the problem can be best overcome by a joint effort.

2. Can Hypnosis cure everything ?
Hypnosis is not a "cure all" and it doesn't always work for everything every single time. However, is undoubtedly the single most powerful and under-utilised resource in healthcare and personal development today.

3. Is Hypnosis is a magic power ?
Hypnosis is a series of established psychological techniques and language structures. There is nothing supernatural or magic about it, and the fear that people have of hypnosis is simply the fear of something unknown.

4. Can only weak-willed people be hypnotised ?
Almost everybody can be hypnotised. Circumstances, time, willingness of the subject and the competence and techniques used by the hypnotist are all variable factors.

5. Can people be made to do things that are against their will ?
Clinical experiments have shown that a subject will comply only with suggestions that fit their moral and value systems. Of course, people can be misdirected to do things that conflict with their normal values which is often the case with stage hypnotists using hypnosis for entertainment value. Basically, hypnosis cannot make moral people behave immorally.

6. Can a subject enter a hypnotic state and not wake up ?
Even in the most unlikely event of the hypnotist being called away during an induction, the subject would simply drift into normal sleep or wake immediately.

7. Is Hypnosis dangerous ?
Hypnosis a skill of psychological communication and only those specially trained should ever be allowed to hypnotise anyone. There has never been a death recorded specifically due to hypnosis.

8. Will Hypnosis cause you to reveal hidden secrets ?
This is a fear commonly expressed by people who are afraid that while hypnotised they will say something they would normally not say. But hypnosis is not a truth drug, and it is actually just as easy to lie in a trance state as it is in a normal state. While hypnotised you are aware of what you are doing and saying, and will not do or say anything that contravenes your inner principles.

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