Papers in metaphysics and philosophy of physics

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Papers in moral, legal, and political philosophy

Climate change, cooperation, and moral bioenhancement (with Pei-hua Huang and Robert Simpson). Journal of Medical Ethics (2016) [preprint] [fulltext]

Essentially comparative value does not threaten transitivity. Thought: A Journal of Philosophy (2016)

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(Reviews: NDPR, The Philosophical Quarterly, Metascience, Contemporary Physics)

Dispositions and Causes, (edited collection), Oxford University Press, 2009


Philosophy research networks (Erdös numbers for philosophers)


Some of my collaborators:


Decision theory for agents with incomplete preferences. Presentation at Frontiers of Rationality conference, Groningen 2012. Video. Handout.

Incomparable values and decision. Handout from a presentation at MIT (2012)

Evolution and realism about chance. Links to: audio (mp3) and handout. This is a talk based on the final chapter of my book, A Philosophical Guide to Chance. The recording is from the 2011 Summer Causation Workshop, hosted by the Centre for Time at University of Sydney.

Other writings

Laws of nature. In A Companion to Philosophy in Australia and New Zealand (2010)

Using peer instruction to teach philosophy, logic and critical thinking (with Sam Butchart and Greg Restall), Teaching Philosophy (2009)