The image above is a fragment of a network of research collaboration in philosophy. The full version can be downloaded below. A necessary criterion for drawing an arc between two people is that they have authored some published or forthcoming research together. I've designed this particular graph so that those with the same colour share the same Erdös number. (For those who have not heard of Erdös numbers, look here)


July 2013 Erdös graph: pdf. This graph colour codes individual researchers by their Erdös number.

July 2013 Collaboration communities graph: pdf. This graph identifies by colour groups of researchers that are highly interconnected. While this graph is not much good for working out Erdös numbers, it is much easier for identifying individual links between researchers.

Earlier editions

May 2010: one-page version; six-page version.

July 2009: one-page and four-page versions.

If you know any other philosophers with Erdös numbers, or if you think there are some corrections to be made, please get in touch by email.