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George Peterson was a TV engineer who lived in Ayr, North Queensland, who also experimented with long distance TV reception from 1958-1973.

George also operated a radio/TV business in Ayr (George Peterson Electrical).

Ayr is located near Townsville, QLD. Both locations are near ideal for TEP. during the equinox periods, George often received the checkerboard test card from 49.75 MHz chR1 China. chR1 TEP signals from China and Russia often reached 200-500 microvolts signal strength into Ayr and Townsville.

George also regularly contributed VHF DX reports to Roger Bunney's monthly DX TV column in Television magazine. In 1970-71, George also contributed F2 and TEP TV DX reports to Glenn Hauser's Australasian Scene Thailand WTFDA newsletter.

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