1956 DX TV article by Robert B Cooper. Page 1 and page 2.
1958 QST article on high band 200 MHz Es TV-DX. Bob Cooper.
1963 TV Times article on George Peterson's TEP and Es TV-DX at Townsville, Australia.
1956 Radio, TV & Hobbies article on Norman Burton's BBC chB1 TV-DX at Sydney, Australia.
Pat Dyer's 1978-80 BBC chB1 F2 DX TV photos.
1938 archive film of 45 MHz BBC chB1 Alexandra Palace TV received at the New York USA RCA research station.
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: TV-FM DX article.


Ceramic filter modifications for improving selectivity.
Better Selectivity and Sensitivity From Virtually any FM Radio Bruce Carter.
Murata USA ceramic filter application guide. (PDF file).


HS Publications 2017 TV FM DX equipment catalogue. Includes the D100 DX-TV tuner, antennas, filters, and books.
TV upconvertor project by Jason Reilly. How to receive TV DX using a Icom R7000 or AR5000 scanner. (PDF file).
AR5000 a multiple talent. AR5000 upconvertor project on how to watch DX TV using a AOR AR5000. Klaud Wings, DL9KAS.
IF Bandpass filtering of AM TV video signals. Clint Turner, KA7OEI.
A Narrowband ("DX") TV I.F. filter for the Icom R-7000 receiver. Clint Turner, KA7OEI.
Reduced IF Bandwidth filtering of DX TV video signals.
Utah ATV home page. Clint Turner, KA7OEI.


VHF/UHF Scanners and receivers for DX TV monitoring. Todd Emslie.
Yupiteru MVT-7100 for monitoring TV DX. Todd Emslie.
Receiver specifications and test reports by Robert Sherwood. Includes reports for the IC R8500, AOR AR500, AOR 7030, and IC R9000.
VHF/UHF wideband receiver comparison test report by Jim Cotterill. Includes evaluation on the IC R8500, AOR AR3000, AOR AR5000, and IC R9000.


How to record TV DX video and sound onto a VCR. Todd Emslie.
Frequently asked questions about long distance television (TV-DX) reception.
Tunable band I 40-70 MHz notch filter. Aid for reducing adjacent channel interference to DX TV signals.
Tunable narrow band audio bandpass filter for monitoring AM TV video carriers. Tony Mann and Todd Emslie.
Tunable BF981 MOSFET construction article. Todd Emslie.
Using the BF981 in two metre RF preamps. Gordon McDonald, VK2ZAB.
GaAsFET Preamp Cookbook. Kent Britain, WA5VJB.
Antenna phase cancellation of unwanted local TV and FM signals. Andy Bolin.
Receive DX over local and semi-local stations by using phase cancellation. Todd Emslie.
Improve Your weak signal Capability.
Low Loss (0.3dB) Balun for 88-108 MHz FM Broadcast Band. Ken Wetzel.
US Meteor Research. Advice on minimising noise from PCs, and general weak signal operation.
SM5BSZ Home Page. Advice on designing and building equipment for VHF long distance communication.
Premium VHF/UHF equipment for TV and FM DX. Todd Emslie.


Antenna Performance APS-14 FM antenna review. WB2VVV.
Channel Master 3308 stereo probe 9. WB2VVV.
Simple 48-70 MHz antennas for DX-TV from Roger Bunney's column.
A review of Band 1 aerial designs for DX TV.
Wide band 48-70 MHz yagi aerials for DX-TV. Roger Bunney.
9 x 8-el Triax FM DX array operated by Kjell Lindman, Skurup, Sweden. 1000 km daily tropospheric scatter FM reception.
Rhombic Antennas.
How I installed my FM-DX antenna. Bruce Carter.
TV Reception Tutorials. Antennas, installation, rotators, masthead amplifiers, etc.
TV Antenna installation FAQ. Coax cable dB loss figures.


How to select a tuner for FM DX. Todd Emslie.
Premium antennas and tuners currently used by DXers.
Sony XDR-F1HD FM Tuner Comparison Report. Todd Emslie.
Onkyo T9090 II (T-9990) FM Tuner Review. Todd Emslie.
Your Guide to FM Tuners with DX Potential.
FM tuner information center.
Specifications for the McIntosh FM tuners: MR-78 and MR-80. The best pre-1980 FM DX tuners.
Satellite 700 review.
FM tuner specifications explained.
Home audio FM tuner reviews. Onkyo, Yamaha, NAD and several others.


Darwin VHF DXpedition. Full report on Tony Mann and Todd Emslie's September, 2001 trip.
Numeralla 2014-2015 summer DXpedition.
Range of distances for sporadic Es DX. Todd Emslie.
High Band (137-225 MHz) Sporadic E TV/VHF DX. Todd Emslie.
Techniques for receiving overseas 88-108 MHz FM DX from Australia. Todd Emslie.
TV FM DX via long haul sporadic E. Todd Emslie.
Overseas F2 TV DX. Robert Copeman.
Band 3 TV DX via meteor scatter. Todd Emslie.
DF5AI Amateur Radio Propagation Studies Home Page. Volker Grassmann, DF5AI.
Ionoscatter on 50 and 144 MHz. Palle Preben-Hansen, OZ1RH.
OZ1RH's home page.
Troposcatter at 50 MHz (700 km QSO's any time) Palle Preben-Hansen, OZ1RH.
Troposcatter at 50 and 144 MHz (700 km QSO's any time) Palle Preben-Hansen, OZ1RH.
Working DX on a Dead 50MHz Band Using Meteor Scatter. Palle Preben-Hansen, OZ1RH.
Modes of Ground gain and radiation angle at VHF. BY OZ1RH.
EA6VQ's TEP page. Japan to Australia 144 MHz TEP information.
Evening TEP Propagation. Roger Harrison, VK2ZRU.
Afternoon TEP Propagation. Roger Harrison, VK2ZRU.
SolarTerrestrial Activity Report...sunspots, 10.7 cm solar flux, etc.
A seven year study of sporadic E propagation. Pat Dyer (1972).
Real time MUF Propagation map. Updated every 30 minutes.
How to minimise fading on DX signals.
VHF DX Propagation modes. By Ilkka Yrjölä, OH5IY.
The art of TV and FM DX radio reception. Robert Copeman.
Monitoring 30-50 MHz across the pond. Bob Cooper's Azores Islands 1989 DXpedition.
Long distance TV and FM radio reception. George Sherman.
Dr Bruce Elving's introduction to FM DX.
28-60 Mhz VHF DX early warning list.
List of 47-49 MHz Chilean music FM tx's.
List of 47-49 MHz Chilean music FM tx's. Official list.
World list of 50 MHz beacons. By G3USF.
VHF F2 DX log.TEP DX received by Anthony Mann while on holiday at Broome, Western Australia.
TV-DX propagation. Glenn Hauser.
OH5IY's VHF/UHF DX web site.
Meteor Scatter observations with VHF Radio & Computer. Ilkka Yrjölä, OH5IY.
VHF DX Propagation modes. Ilkka Yrjölä, OH5IY.
Meteor Scatter DX with a VHF Radio.
Various TV-DX photos via F2 propagation.
6 metre (50 MHz) propagation Overview
1989 50 MHz F2 propagation overview.
SESCAT - mid latitude ionosperic E region backscatter studies. Laboratory of Atmospheric and Ionospheric Physics, Crete, Greece.
A Critique of 'A Hidden Mode of Sporadic-E?'. Gary Hyde, G7LXK1.
Ionospheric physics of radio wave propagation. Dr E.C Jones.
The basics of radio wave propagation. Dr E.C Jones.
NGDC Ionospheric research group Ionospheric vertical incidence sounding.
The doughnut effect. Emil Pocock W3EP.
VHF/UHF/microwave propagation by Barry McLarnon, VE3JF.
Meteor scatter links page.
Sporadic E resource articles and links. Compiled by Mike Hawk.
VHF DX an expanding world by Eric Jamieson. Back issues of this excellent VHF-DX column.
How to work 50 MHz DX. Emil Pocock W3EP.
Transatlantic VHF Propagation
Pat Dyer's VHF Propagation page.
History of VHF DX in Japan. by JA1RJU, Kazuo Ogasawara.
William Hepburn's Australian Tropospheric Forecasts


45-55 MHz TV video carrier frequencies for Asia, Australia, and the Pacific Islands.
48-55 MHz TV list (Africa, and Middle East). Compiled by Todd Emslie.
45-93 MHz precision TV video carrier frequencies. Mituhiro Hukunaga (Japan).
List of Chinese ChC1 TV stations. Compiled by Tony Mann and Mituhiro Hukunaga.
Ian Roberts' TV video carrier frequency list. Very accurate (1 Hz) list covering Europe, Middle East, and Asia.
World TV video and audio frequencies PDF list produced by the UKW/TV German TV FM DX club.
World list of 50 MHz beacons. By G3USF.
Accurate Measurement of AM/SSB and TV Carrier Frequencies. Ian Roberts, ZS6BTE.
Precision frequency measurement of DXTV carriers. Kunihiko NAKANO, JE7IDA (Japan).
Another method of measuring TV carriers using a IC-R8500. Todd Emslie.
ChE2 TV in Equatorial Guinea.
List of 48 MHz chE2 African TV. Ian Roberts, ZS6BTE.
Accurate measurement of TV DX video carriers. Todd Emslie.
W9WI TV technical information for DXers.
Spectrum Lab DSP software for accurate measurements of TVDX video frequencies.


Introduction and general advice. Bruce Carter.
FM antennas introduction and general advice. Bruce Carter.
Transmission lines, coax cable, etc, introduction and general advice. Bruce Carter.
Practical examples of fringe FM reception. By Bruce Carter.
Better Selectivity and Sensitivity From Virtually any FM Radio. Bruce Carter.
How to select a tuner for 88-108 MHz FM DX. Todd Emslie.
Bruce Elving's guide to receiving long distance FM radio.
Your Guide to FM Tuners with DX Potential. USA web site.
FM tuner information center.


A Tech fabrication. UHF TV antenna and equipment reports.
Stacked Blake Model JBX14WB high gain UHF only antennas Aerials for deep fringe TV reception.
Fernando Garcia's TV DX page. 1,000+ mile UHF TV DX from New Mexico.
Jeff Kadet's TV DX page. Long-haul tropospheric UHF TV DX.
A Guide to UHF TV Reception. Antennas, installation, rotators, masthead amplifiers, etc.
UHF TV weak signal reception techniques. Todd Emslie.

EME (Moonbounce)

Is Moonbounce DX-TV possible? 1983 article by Dr. S. C. Giess.
DX TV carrier detection via EME propagation. Tony Mann and Ian Roberts' EME DX.
Using EME to Locate VHF-SHF Transmitters. Ian Roberts, ZS6BTE.
Experimental moonbounce UHF TV DX reception. Todd Emslie.
UHF TV weak signal carrier detection via EME. Tony Mann.
Moon mechanics and properties.


MW loops design and theory. James Dale.
Whamlog. Medium wave loop related sites and DX technical articles.
Collection of MW DX articles.
Pacific-Asia MW database list. Comprehensive 104-page list edited by Bruce Portzer.
Grayland, USA DXpedition for Pacific-Asia MW DX. Bruce Portzer and Chuck Hutton.
Introduction to MW DX. Compiled by Steve Whitt (UK) and Paul Ormandy (New Zealand).
Tiltable 3 or 4 ft MW DX loop. Don Moman.


Wenlock Burton's OZ vintage site Australian test cards originally broadcast from 1964-1984.
Wenlock Burton's OZ vintage site Main index page.


RFI - Intermodulation. Ed Hare, W1RFI.

ICDX Australia TV FM VHF/UHF DX e-mail discussion group.

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