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Featured Articles

Communications Receivers for TV DX
Article profiles Icom and AOR wideband communications receivers suitable for monitoring VHF/UHF TV video and FM audio carriers.
UHF TV Weak Signal Reception Techniques
Learn about selecting a suitable antenna and RF preamplifier for deep fringe UHF TV reception. DXers may not realise that long-haul tropospheric propagation is possible out to 1,000 - 2,500 miles.
VHF/UHF RF Preamplifiers
Theory and construction article covering a tunable BF981 dual gate MosFET RF preamplifier, and how to optimize receiving system weak signal sensitivity.
Moonbounce UHF TV DX
April 2003:
USA & Middle East UHF TV signal traces were detected in Sydney, using DL4YHF's Spectrum Lab FFT PC analyzer. Detect weak UHF video carriers scattered off the lunar surface using a single UHF yagi TV antenna.
Darwin VHF DXpedition
September 2001:
Tony Mann and Todd Emslie conducted a DXpedition to Darwin, north Australia. This DXpedition provided the most comprehensive data on 45-230 MHz Trans-Equatorial (TEP) ever recorded.
High-end TV FM DX Equipment
Summary of premium FM tuners, communication receivers, TV tuners and antennas recommended for serious monitoring of VHF/UHF television and FM radio DX signals.
VHF RF Phase Cancellation
Phase cancellation of unwanted local and semi-local VHF RF signals can be used to resolve distant signals on the same frequency. Construction article with basic theory included.
Rijn Muntjewerff Profile
Since 1961, Dutch TV DXer Rijn Muntjewerff has received VHF/UHF TV signals from over 68 countries, which is a world record for terrestrial long-distance TV reception. Off-screen TV DX test card and antenna installation photos are also included.

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