Cockatude Essentials

A list of suggested Cockatude episodes

Short episodes:
Fast Food Cockatude 1: Where to buy food and supplies to protect your bird from infectious disease. 
Fast Food Cockatude 2: The value of mash in a parrot's diet. 
Fast Food Cockatude 3: Rewarding other behavior. 
Fast Food Cockatude 4: Finding your training key. 
Fast Food Cockatude 5: The Eyes Have It. A Parrot's view. 
Fast Food Cockatude 6: Walk a mile in my feet. 
Fast Food Cockatude 7: No Meek Beaks. 
Fast Food Cockatude 8: Birds of a Feather. 
Fast Food Cockatude 9: Taking Parrot Behavior for a Drive. 
Fast Food Cockatude 10: Stitching the cloaca. [SURGERY] 

Full-length episodes:
7 Simone "Is there a barber in the house?" A sanctuary bird introduction. 
8 Nail Trimming: Are your nails sharp or are you just happy to see me? 
16 Quality of Life: How to do a QOL assessment. 
17 How to do a home exam for your parrot: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. 
20 Making toys: don't let parrot enrichment send you to the poorhouse. 
26 What if? Dealing with crisis. 

Introduction to The Chloe Sanctuary flock:
1 Peaches (female Moluccan (Seram) Cockatoo) "Handicapped and happy"
2 Babalu (male Triton Cockatoo) "A Boy No One Wanted" 
3 Sugar (female Moluccan (Seram) Cockatoo) "A Mutilator's Story" 
4 Cecil (male Umbrella Cockatoo) "A Doll's Eyes" 
5 Roman (male Umbrella Cockatoo) "From Mean to Mild"
6 Coco (female Umbrella Cockatoo) "Love is not enough" 
7 Simone (female Umbrella Cockatoo) "Is there a barber in the house?" 
9 Chloe (female Umbrella Cockatoo) and Snoball (male Umbrella Cockatoo) "Feathers are Forever" 
10 Cozzi (female Umbrella Cockatoo) "The Wallflower" 
11 Lauralei (female Umbrella Cockatoo), Chloe's adopted daughter 
15 Salamander (male Moluccan (Seram) Cockatoo) "How not to turn your bird into a cruise missile" 
57 Lucy (female Umbrella Cockatoo) and Pippa (female Triton Cockatoo): The first days